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Role of the Trustee Step- by-Step

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Step by step instruction for bankruptcy cases (for California residents only):


1.                  If you are interested in a free consultation, call us at (626)289-8838. Or if you prefer, fill out  CONSULT US form online and submit it to us. You may also email  info@debts-relief.com  your question or request.  From information provided, we will quote you a price and provide you with an analysis of your case.

2.                  When you have decided to retain us, we will email you a retainer agreement. After you signed it, you can mail it back to us with your payment. If you want to speed up the process, you can pay us through paypal.com as described below and email or fax to us your signed retainer agreement.

3.                  Payment can be in the form of personal check, cashier’s check, or money order, made payable to Law Offices of Michael Y. Lo, or through paypal.com. Payment made through paypal.com should be made to our Paypal email account at Michael@LoLaw.com. If you are not familiar with Paypal, please go to their website at paypal.com for more information.

4.                  Once payment is received, we will then email you detailed questionnaires. When you have completed it, please email, fax or mail it back to us.

5.                  Within several working days, during which we may ask for additional questions over email or phone, we should have the petition ready for your signature.

6.                  When the petition is signed, we will then file the petition in the appropriate court and provide you with a face sheet of the filed petition.

7.                  Within several weeks, you should receive a notice from the court informing you the date, time and place of a 341(a) hearing.

8.                  Before the 341(a) hearing, we will provide you with additional instruction and material for you to prepare for the hearing.

9.                  If there are no creditors objecting to the discharge of their debts within two months after the hearing, you will then receive an order from the court discharging all your dischargeable debts. If any creditor files a complaint during this time, you may retain us for additional service.

10.              Our service is complete when the order from the court is received.


Send mail to info@debts-relief.com with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: December 06, 2000