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Role of the Trustee Step- by-Step

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For a free evaluation of your financial situation, including suitability for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filing, please fill in the following and submit it to us. Our staff attorney will promptly respond by e-mail and give you a quote for our service. The information will be kept confidential and will not be used in other ways.






I have charged credit cards and the total balance owed is $ 
I have charged store cards and total balance owed is $       
Principal balance of  mortgage on my principal residence $ 
Principal balance on my car loans $                            
I owe taxes to government $                     
I owe friends and relatives $ 
Other debts: (Describe nature and amount owed)


Market value of my principal residence?
Market value of my car(s)
Cash and bank deposit ?
Stocks and other securities?
Retirement Funds?
Describe your assets: (List all major assets and value) 
Your income $ Spouse's income $
Have you operated any business within the past two years? yes no  
Have you transferred any property within the last year? yes no
Have you paid any creditors $600 or more within 90 days yes no
Have you charged your credit cards for luxury items or withdrew cash within 90 days yes no




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Last modified: December 19, 2000